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About C-Suite IMPSACT Business Intelligence

Transforming Data Into Actionable Business Insights

Data is a company’s most impactful asset—if you know what to do with it. C-Suite IMPACT Business Intelligence helps you obtain that valuable information and put it to use. Data opens the path to profitability to help you make better decisions. When you utilize a thorough and user-friendly, turnkey system like BI-In-A-Box, the power is instantly in your hands. This ready-to-use program transforms and presents the collected data into digestible insights to make it easier to take action. Our mobile solutions even allow you to check data on-the-go for quick and unbiased decision making. And when you need help putting the data to use, a C-Suite IMPACT CDO will evaluate your data and provide unbiased insights to accelerate your path to success.


What C-Suite IMPACT Business Intelligence Can Do for You


This turnkey data management system is a solution for every business. This system is ready to use right out of the box and replaces data-wrangling methods for more thorough and instant analysis. It’s presented and transformed into a way that’s easy to digest, analyze, and apply.

Custom Dashboards

How can your data work best for you? We create custom data dashboards to collect and analyze the data specific to your business and goals. This customized tool provides the right information at the right time so you can make the right decisions.

Fractional CDO

Your C-Suite IMPACT fractional CDO will analyze and leverage your past and current data to help you make the most profitable decisions and set the basis for digital transformation. We provide data strategy, data security, and data management—without the cost of a salaried CDO.

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C-Suite IMPACT is here to help you speed the rate of growth, alleviate growth pains, raise capital required to grow, close skill gaps, and address the obstacles preventing your company from maximizing its growth rate.


C-Suite IMPACT provides the knowledge, support, and tools you need to identify and address your company’s core issues—not the symptoms—to implement unbiased, goal-focused strategies that increase profitability and reduce headaches.


C-Suite IMPACT develops and executes exit strategies, maximizes the selling price of your company, takes care of your staff during the transition, and ensures your legacy stays on after your exit.