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Strategic, Operational, and Fractional CFOs

C-Suite IMPACT CFOs is your partner when you need to speed up your business’s growth, close a skill gap, prepare to sell, require a strategic sounding board, and need support for a project. When you work with us, you have the expertise of a CFO who has proven experience in the c-suite without the cost of a salaried employee. Your C-Suite IMPACT CFO is more than an advisor—they will help implement the customized plans created to support your goals. Your CFO uses numbers and experience to make unbiased decisions to aid in the growth, performance, and succession of your business. Leveraging our community of c-suite executives, C-Suite IMPACT CFOs makes an impact on your business, helping you achieve your goals and ring the bell of success.


What Your C-Suite IMPACT CFO Can Do for You

Cash Flow Management

How can you maximize your revenue and margins? Your C-Suite CFO will evaluate your numbers and business practices to implement a plan.

Skill Gap Closure

It’s challenging to grow when your head of finance has hit a skill wall. We can come in and fill that gap while training them to grow with you.

Profitable Growth Strategy

When you aren’t growing at the rate you’d like, your C-Suite CFO can evaluate your processes and help you implement a new strategy to succeed.

Seated-CFO Support

Growing pains and unexpected events can leave your seated CFO overwhelmed. Bring in your C-Suite CFO partner to support short-term or long-term initiatives.

Project Help

Day-to-day responsibilities don’t disappear when new projects arise. Your C-Suite CFO can also come in to support projects like M&A, funds raising, process improvement, and more.

Strategic Partnership

Do you have the information you need to make informed decisions? C-Suite Impact CFOs acts as a strategic sounding board to help make the best, unbiased decisions for your company.


Our team of excellence and experience.

Philip J. Whitman, CPA

President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT

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David Wolfskehl

President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT

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Peter Caltabiano

Founding Partner and CEO of C-Suite IMPACT CFOs

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Craig Fallon

VP of Business Development

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Steve Clark, CPA, MBA


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Tavi Meketon, MBA, SPHR, PAFM

Senior VP of Strategy and Execution

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Nathan Fong


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Michael Wirth


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March 24, 2022


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C-Suite IMPACT is here to help you speed the rate of growth, alleviate growth pains, raise capital required to grow, close skill gaps, and address the obstacles preventing your company from maximizing its growth rate.


C-Suite IMPACT provides the knowledge, support, and tools you need to identify and address your company’s core issues—not the symptoms—to implement unbiased, goal-focused strategies that increase profitability and reduce headaches.


C-Suite IMPACT develops and executes exit strategies, maximizes the selling price of your company, takes care of your staff during the transition, and ensures your legacy stays on after your exit.