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About C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

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C-Suite Deal Makers is your partner when you need to find the right resource to raise capital to grow, raise debt, sell your business, and raise funds for real estate. When you work with us, you are connected to a vast network of specialists who can help your business venture succeed. Working with the right people matters. C-Suite Deal Makers ensures you are not limited by your demographic area or current network. We will evaluate your unique situation and connect you with the right resources for your opportunity and organization. We work with you through the entire process to help you ring the bell of success. We are more than advisors—we are your link between your opportunity, the most IMPACTful solution, and success.


What Your C-Suite IMPACT Deal Maker Can Do for You

Raise Capital

Whether you are looking for more capital to expand your current business or acquire a new one, your Deal Maker can help you acquire the funds you need.

Sell A Business

Deal Makers helps you find other companies looking to acquire business opportunities. We work with you throughout the sales process to maximize the deal.

Real Estate Deals

When you need funding for a real estate deal, your Deal Maker can connect you with the right lender who can best support your transaction.

Take You Public

Your C-Suite IMPACT Deal Maker helps connect you with the best resources to support your entire capital stack.

Meet Your IMPACT Deal Makers

Our Team of Excellence and Experience

Philip J. Whitman, CPA

President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT

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David Wolfskehl

President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT

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Craig Fallon

VP of Business Development

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Jeffrey Brenner

Senior Managing Director at C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

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Jay Feldman

Managing Director for C-Suite Deal Makers and Executive Coach

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Marc Horowitz

Managing Director for C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

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Anand Sanghvi

Managing Director for C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

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William Smith

Managing Principal and Business Advisor

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Cristine O’Keefe

Managing Director-Lending

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Why Companies Engage in M&A

A corporate merger or acquisition can have a profound effect on a company’s growth prospects and long-term outlook. But while an acquisition can transform the acquiring company literally overnight, there is a significant degree of risk involved.

March 14, 2022


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C-Suite IMPACT is here to help you speed the rate of growth, alleviate growth pains, raise capital required to grow, close skill gaps, and address the obstacles preventing your company from maximizing its growth rate.


C-Suite IMPACT provides the knowledge, support, and tools you need to identify and address your company’s core issues—not the symptoms—to implement unbiased, goal-focused strategies that increase profitability and reduce headaches.


C-Suite IMPACT develops and executes exit strategies, maximizes the selling price of your company, takes care of your staff during the transition, and ensures your legacy stays on after your exit.