David Wolfskehl

President and Founding Partner C-Suite IMPACT

833-278-4831, 700


David is a nationally recognized leader who earned a spot on Fortune’s Best Small Workplace list, was a Fortune Small Business Magazine "Boss of the Year" finalist, and gained his company a place on the Winning Workplaces list. He is focused on building the community culture and strategy for the C-Suite family of companies.


  • Helped a company grow from $5 million to $13 million in three years.
  • Published author of Narrow Focus Big Results and The Micro-Niche Method: The Pathway to Premium Pricing and Increased Profitability for Today’s CPAs.
  • Strategically helped a firm expand from two consultants to 14 in a four-year period.
  • Facilitated the transformation of a non-functional leadership team into a cohesive group, enabling them to sell their business for premium dollars.
  • Quadrupled the sales pipeline of a major client and sustainably grew the team from two to seven.