Peter Caltabiano

Founding Partner and CEO of C-Suite IMPACT CFOs

833-278-4831, 702

Pete is a business development leader with over 20 years of experience leading process improvements expertise in championing customer experience and cultivating relationships. He has a track record of entrepreneurial success and global growth. He has the capacity to understand people's mindsets to identify and address, client, customer, and employee pain points, as well as leverage data to improve engagement and retention.


  • Developed platform to provide CFO services to enable SMEs to scale up business at an affordable price-point.
  • Grew operating group revenue from $5 million to $150 million; generated $9.4 million in profit over nine years.
  • Leveraged feedback to facilitate change; teamed with the training manager to identify performance/promotion void.
  • Excellent customer service, employee retention, profitability and community involvement leadership performance.
  • Collaborated on local-referral-partner sales appointments/meetings; made introductions to national sales partners.