William Smith

Managing Principal and Business Advisor



Will is an experienced business advisor having worked in the Wealth Management field for over 30 years as a wealth manager and entrepreneur. His expertise lies in working with business owners managing their assets along with providing risk management and succession planning. Prior to coming on board with C-Suite IMPACT, Will's firm managed corporate assets, pensions, and family office structures. His responsibilities include working in C-Suite's M&A space focusing on Wealth Management firms and providing business consulting to CEOs and business owners. 


  • In financial services, built a team approach that provided custom systems for growing client wealth controlling over $500M in assets.
  • As a business advisor he built long term relationships, providing growth and eventually a successful transition for companies as large as $125M in value.
  • In the alternative funding space, he worked on multiple nontraditional capital raises for cannabis and businesses who cannot access funding from traditional sources. 
  • Strong depth of knowledge in both finance and business to support clients with intelligent business solutions.
  • In the Fee-Based Insurance Consultation business he has successfully provided guidance and cost reduction for multiple companies.